Sunday, July 10, 2011

My Thoughts on TNA Impact Wrestling

I posted my thoughts earlier on WWE and tried to be fair and give credit where credit is due, and even pointed out 2 wrestlers that, in my opinion had actual wrestling ability. I will do the same for TNA. This will be short and sweet.
Production - Fair
Honestly, that is the only credit I can give this group.
I am not even going to give the couple of wrestlers that I consider capable, of any credit at all. Reason being, they have sold out. Period!!
The last show I tried to watch, in the first 6 minutes, I heard "Ass", which I can deal with occasionally in a heated interview, (IN THE FIRST 6 MINUTES!) but was followed by "J***Off", "Sc**W", and "C**P". I switched channels at that point but if they followed their usual pattern, there was probably some bleeped words such as "Bi***h", "C**nt", "A***ole", "P***Y" and others. Fill in the blanks if you want to.
Plus, when you have one of your top guys being billed as "The Whole F''ing Show" and a fat, tattooed lady wrestler constantly grabbing her breasts, rubbing her crotch, and hunching on an opponent, it is disgusting!
Hulk Hogan, you have never been a wrestler, never could be, never will be. Just a character.
Sting, Steiner, Angle - Shame on YOU!!
Jeff Jarrett - I guess you disappoint me more than anyone. You come from a great wrestling family. What happened to your pride and respect for the wrestling business your family worked so hard in and where they were respected?
Jeff, a word from me for what it is worth: Can't you look back and see that Vince started out like this and almost lost all his sponsors and viewing audience? Almost went under? Why in the world would you try to go back to that? The wrestling fans deserve so much more!!
Ok, I have tried to be fair. This is how I see it. And, if any of you guys I mentioned don't agree, "Get over it Princess".  I don't think there is anything that would change my mind at this point.
Enough of that. My next 2 posts will be on LOYALTY! Stay Tuned!

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