Wednesday, July 6, 2011

My Thoughts on WWE Wrestling

WWE - This is exactly what they say it is - ENTERTAINMENT - Nothing More - Nothing Less.
As far as production, it is a multi-million dollar show which is impressive. As far as characters, there are many. Some good, some bad. As far as actual wrestling talent and ability? Very little. My opinion on which guys may actually have a bit of wrestling ability? I will name 1 from each group; Babyface (good guy) and Heel (bad guy). This may surprise some of you but this is my honest opinion:
Babyface - Daniel Bryan (Bryant?)
Heel - CM Punk
The reason I chose these two is because from watching their work in the ring, it appears that these two may actually have the ability to work a 30 minute, 45 minute, or even one hour match and have one that would show their ability and never lose the attention and excitement of the crowd. They actually know how to wrestle! BUT, the only way this would work is to leave out the damn script writers in the back, whoever they are, trying to lay out a match move-by-move,  and let these guys go out and do what they know how to do! WRESTLE! I welcome your comments.

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